Discover Acorn's Enhanced Online Presence: Unveiling Our New Website

Discover Acorn's Enhanced Online Presence: Unveiling Our New Website

We are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of Acorn's brand new website! As a small candle business operating as a social enterprise in Newry, Northern Ireland, Acorn has always been dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. With the aim of providing opportunities and support for young adults with learning disabilities and autism, Acorn has crafted beautiful candles while raising funds for our parent charity, Bolster Community. Now, with our revamped online presence, we are ready to take our mission to new heights and connect with as many candle enthusiasts and supporters as possible across UK, Ireland and beyond.

Meaningful Candles

The heart and soul of Acorn's new website lies in its ability to convey the passion and purpose behind every candle we create. Through a thoughtful and user-friendly website, visitors can explore our wide range of handmade candles, each crafted by the gifted community of young adults with additional needs. The website showcases the dedication and talent of our candle makers, highlighting their journey towards reaching their full potential.

A Range of Fragrances

Acorn's website invites visitors to explore our diverse range of fragrances, carefully designed to create a cosy atmosphere. Whether you prefer a soothing and calming scent or an exotic aroma that transports you to far-off lands, our Acorn candles offer an array of captivating options. With each fragrance, you are not only embracing a delightful sensory experience but also supporting a community striving for achievement and empowerment.

Corporate Gifting with a Purpose

Are you searching for meaningful corporate gifts that make a difference? Look no further than Acorn's range of purposeful gift hampers and sets. By choosing Acorn as your partner in corporate gifting, you not only show appreciation to your colleagues or clients but also contribute to a greater cause. 

Connect and Support

Acorn's new website aims to foster a sense of connection and engagement with our valued customers and supporters. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and join our online community, where you'll be the first to know about new collections, exclusive offers, and inspiring stories. By supporting Acorn, you are not only enriching your own life with beautiful candles but also making a positive impact on the lives of our candle makers and the wider community supported by Bolster Community.

The launch of Acorn's brand new website marks an exciting milestone in our journey to create a more inclusive and compassionate world. With a user-friendly website, captivating stories, and a wide range of purposeful products, our website aims to ignite an online experience that connects, inspires, and empowers.

We invite you to explore our new online home, support our mission, and be part of the Acorn community as we continue to brighten lives, one candle at a time.

Browse the new website here.

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